About Us

Innovative Construction Services was started by Eric Overschmidt and Larry Haeffner in January 2011. Eric and Larry bring together the balance needed for a great construction experience. ICS was built from the ground up, this is why every customer is so important to us. We understand the need for the entire process from planning to finished project. Eric and Larry are both family men and understand doing what you say you’re going to do and respect. ICS is based out of New Haven, MO a small community that reflects drive and respect.

Our mission is and always will be to provide the same level of service we would expect from our vendors.

Our company has provided service for our clients from General Contractor and sub-contractor. We have completed over 100 Dollar General Projects and many other big name customers. We have always met our customers schedule and budgets. Our company motto is “Progress through Team Work” this is a model we follow for each project and the reason we get the results our customers are wanting.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Innovative Construction Company, LLC is two-fold. The first purpose of Innovative Construction Company, LLC is to promote comfortable, healthy, attractable working conditions for employees; thereby enabling employees to meet the needs of their family and personal lives. Performing quality work, meeting the needs of employees, and showing concern for the community and public, can accomplish this. The second purpose of Innovative Construction Company, LLC is to complete projects in a timely and fiscally sound method to ensure profitability; enabling the company itself to progress and become an important part of the community.